Jose Carlos Cigars is a company that I developed to answer a passion I had for fine cigars. After years of research, hard work and investment, I have the cigar that Im proud to offer as Jose Carlos Cigars. Even the name of the company has a significant meaning. The following story will help you understand why Jose Carlos Cigars is the name for my cigar.

After becoming interested in the cigar business, we set out looking for a company to manufacture our cigars. We have a passion for well made, good quality cigars. After several trips to Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua we found that to do what we wanted would take more than just asking someone else to make our cigars. It was during that time when I met a young man whose name was Jose Carlos. After speaking to the couple that was taking care of him about his story, I realized how truly blessed I am to have been born in America. You see, Jose Carlos was an orphan in Nicaragua. Not just a person whos parents had died, but for Jose Carlos, he had been abandoned by his parents for a better life in America. With more probing I found out that no one in Nicaragua knew where his parents lived. The only thing that was for sure was that his parents had left him for a better life in America. What I saw in that young man was amazing. Not a bitter, angry or mischievous boy, but a happy well mannered polite little man. That spirit was what moved me to name my Company after his striving him. Jose Carlos is what it means to have family and purpose in this life. Jose Carlos has an adopted family and is doing fine, but that event gave me the need to do the best for him and others like him. You see, we in America are extremely blessed to have all that we have. I also grew up in a family with both parents. That young man gave me the inspiration to continue to find a way to manufacture excellent quality cigars in a very difficult environment.

My Philosophy is to make cigars when the tobacco is ready. I have spent years searching for the best tobacco and have started buying and growing tobacco from selected areas in Nicaragua. I utilize the Nicaraguan Agriculture University to test the land prior to selecting land or planting on any land. I use only the required nutrients to allow the land produce quality tobacco. My philosophy is simple do things right, not fast.

With your help we can give back to the orphaned children in Nicaragua so they will all have a better chance at life.

Jose Carlos the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Making great cigars and with time, Jose Carlos will be a legend.

Bill Davies